Facts on Electric Cars of 2016

In according with Canadian National Campaign for electric vehicles, and the cost of energy and fuel in electric vehicles is less than 90 percent of energy and fuel costs in gasoline cars. Electric cars as quiet as the internal combustion engines of vehicles engine. Unlike gasoline vehicles, electric cars do not emit pollutants. Possess an electric car aussi Eliminates the need for inspection of smog operations, replacement of the coolant, oil and Maintenance --other kinds of changes. Contrary to popular belief, it can use electric vehicles, Such As fast cars running on gasoline.

Robert Anderson Developed the first electric carriage entre 1832 and 1839 in Scotland, selon the Canadian National Campaign for electric cars. In 1835 Stratingh professor Groinggen, the Netherlands, designed the first small electric car. Electric vehicles Many Held-have records for distance and speed in the first portion of the 20th century. On April 29, 1899, Camille Jenatzy broke the barrier of 100 km speed / h for the first time in an electric car. With the improvement of the internal combustion engine, electric car Slowed production. HOWEVER, in 1996, GM Produced electric vehicles in 1117 GM can go at speeds up to 80 miles per hour. Nissan, Toyota and Honda to sell electric cars.

Selon the national Canadian campaign for electric cars, electric cars Could Be like the French sprayer, Mullen L1X Tesla and reach a top speed of entre 100 and 130 miles per hour. This electric car est ble to go from 0 to 60 mph in 3 to 5 seconds. And Ellica, Reviews another electric car, you can Quickly go to 230 miles per hour. Most electric cars on the market can move at speeds of entre 60 and 100 miles per hour

Canadian National Campaign for electric vehicles indicates que le types and number of batteries, driving habits and the weight of a car affect the scope of miles per load for electric vehicles. Electric cars with lead batteries can travel up to 80 miles on a single load. NiMH batteries can Provide up to 120 miles per charging the lithium-ion batteries for entre 250 and 300 miles per load. Most electric cars on the market for at least 100 miles per load.

In according with Canadian National Campaign for electric vehicles and electric vehicles Typically cost entre 2 and 4 cents per mile of driving. Compounds Containing the cost of the internal combustion engine entre oven and six times. Electric cars-have only a FEW hundred parts while petrol cars-have A Few thousand. This Makes an electric car to three times the cost of service is lower Than That of gasoline vehicles. Electric cars are more expensive to buy cars That run on gasoline, and it helps protect the environment at the time Sami.

Electric cars-have an exhaust pipe to zero, purpose They Still need electric energy That Is Often created by the coal and --other kinds of burning fossil fuels. HOWEVER, Compared to vehicles running on gasoline, the total amount of emission released into the environment is much less with an electric car. Selon the Canadian national campaign for electric cars, burning a gallon of gasoline releases 22 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere. HOWEVER, He Was released only 7 pounds of CO2 from the plant to create energy equivalent That will need an electric car to travel 25 miles. Electric cars are not completely Call Emission-free, purpose They Are Certainly more environmentally friendly than gasoline vehicles.

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