British Sports Car 2016

After discussion, cooperation and wide, car Austin and Morris Mini Cooper Sport made its appearance in 1960.

Use the engine cc Morris Mini 848. However, with restraint, giving it a longer stroke, and can increase the capacity of 997 cc. The power increase of 33 horsepower to 54 horsepower.

Mark was a Mini Cooper two SU carburetor, a close ratio gearbox and front wheel disc brakes.

In 1963, replacing the original 998 cc engine in sections 2 Mini Cooper, with a shorter and Stoke with a capacity of 997 cc.

In 1993, he used the Rover Mini Cooper engine 1276 cc, with the replacement of the SU fuel injection.

It rose Mini Cooper: 65,000 sales mark 1 and 16; 5000 Mark 2.

Mini Cooper S

In 1964, it was for the first time more powerful versions of the base Mini Cooper sports car as the Austin and Morris.

The first 1075 cc Mini Cooper S, with the crankshaft of the setting column and the tightening of the main bearings, to allow greater control.

Devices has requested the assistance of disc brakes, and appointed Mark 1 Mini Cooper S. It was built for a single year.

In 1964, it was the launch of the 973 cc Mini Cooper S, designed for racing in the category of less than 1020 cc.

However, it was not popular and was made only for a year. The appointment of Mark 2 Mini Cooper S

Moreover, in 1963, it was introduced in 1365 cc Mini Cooper S, and was an immediate success, with production continuing until 1972.

Mark, there was a version 1, 2, 3 and 4. The design of this model for the race in the category under 1320 cc

The Mini Cooper S increased its sales:

19000 Mark 1 (combined 972.1070 and 1284)
6300 Mark 2 (1385 only)
1 570 Mark 3 (1395 only)
Mini Cooper S won the Monte Carlo Rally in 1968 and 1964.1964.

Jensen Healey

When the car Austin Healey 3020 sports Production ended in 1968, there were discussions between industry Jensen Donald Healey and company cars.

The resulting collaboration was born Jensen Healey sports car.

In the prototype stage, he assessed a number of engines Vauxhall, BMW and Ford. However, none were acceptable.

Finally, Jensen Lotus, which was a new engine approached, but did not test that met the requirements.

The 2-liter double overhead cam 16-valve aluminum unit called Lotus 908.

And offered as a result of the conversion of two seats or cut with disc brakes front and rear drums. It uses coil springs at the front, rear axle directly.

The export of two European models, dual carburetor butterfly, while US models Stromberg one, to meet the emissions requirements.

Jensen Healey was popular in the United States, but less in the UK. It was sold a total of 3778.

To offset the financial difficulties, it was introduced in 1975. Jensen Healey GT 2 + 2 Coupe with limited decline.

Jensen went under custody in 1975.

Jensen Interceptor

In 1965, it was the launch of a sports car Jensen Interceptor.

He offered two doors and four seats hatchback, convertible or coupe.

Mark 1 version uses 6.3 liters (384 cubic meters) Chrysler V8 engine, developing 325 horsepower.

So it was very large, wrap around the distinctive rear window, which served as the back door. disc brakes on the wheels, the independent suspension at the front and leaf springs at the rear.

In 1970 Mark 2 feet with a design that has been slightly modified.

In 1972, Chrysler has been the use of a larger 7.2 liters (440 cubic meters) V8 engine with three, double carburettor butterfly, and to 330 horsepower.

This version of fuel delivery to MS was called, and was also an engine of 6.3 liters, developing 386 horsepower.

In 1973, the 7.2-liter engine now used a carburetor 4 barrel.

In 1974, the design minor changes Mark 3.

Daimler Dart

In 1950, late, and the car manufacturer Daimler British luxury financial difficulties.

As a result, the company decided to enter the US sports market with the private sector their model.

Thus, the Daimler Dart, later known as Daimler SP250, was born. And "SP" and stressed sport and "250" on the 2.5-liter engine.

It launched the Auto Show in New York in 1959, and was in a good reception.

The vehicle was described as 2 + 2 sports, with a body made of glass fibers on a steel structure.

The 2.5-liter engine in the new, and burning in the chambers of the Western Hemisphere, OHV, V8 unit with two SU carburetors.

The body in the original mile sports car and specifications to bend on tight turns, causing the doors to open.

However, this was corrected in 1960 with the introduction of car specifications B-.

In 1964, the specifications of the version C- emerged, with luxury extras as standard.

Daimler Jaguar in 1960 and got, unfortunately, since it was organized to compete with the E-type, it wan't the attention it deserves, which had a negative impact on sales.

MC Warren F1

In 1989, the simple sports car fief for three seats formed the basis for the creation of a sports car to the end. Therefore, it is born F1.

In 1993, and gave the McLaren F1 Sporting Club of Monaco.

It uses the single fiberglass structure.

It was decided that the engine is naturally aspirated from the turbo compressors and added a degree of complexity that can affect the level of control the driver motor.

The final choice of driving a BMW 6.1-liter V12. They use aluminum and the cylinder block, four camshafts and variable valve timing.

The version proposed by the compression ratio of 11.1.

In 1999, the McLaren F1 was the fastest car in the world, reaching 231 miles per hour, with limited courses, and 243 miles per hour when he is able to freely pastor.

Only 106 were manufactured in F1:

Version 65 of the standard street (F1)
6 versions were seized (LM), and refers to Le Mans
Four cars were on the roads (GT)
The six models (XP)
29 race cars were (GTR)
The initial model LM 1
That was the end of my assessment of the British sports car.

Perhaps this is a stroll down memory answered, or at least highlight, a possible question:

British motorsport that is a favorite with your

However, this question must remain unanswered, and will be discussed in detail in future articles on this site, and this group of British sports cars that appeared to stretch memorable 1960-1987 period.

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