How to use Grease and Sand of cars?

Trace in grease and sand are the number one reason for damaged interior carpeting, and why ask the carpet (any kind really) to protect the resale value of your car.
I say "any kind" and this is true for most. From sand, dirt and direct pressure and grinding motion feet while sitting in the car or get in and out, grind the sand and dirt into the fibers of the carpet, flaying away sealants protect the stain and separation weave so your carpet begins to have that look "fuzzy".

Anything that can keep this direct and focuses grinding from happening carpet car, and save its beauty and extend the life of the carpet.

By the time most auto carpets begin to show signs of wear, the internal fiber damage is often much greater.

It is very important for vacuum passage areas regularly, using a powerful vacuum that can pull the sand carpet, through the dense weave. Most automakers understand under very huge car clothing carpet weaving so the carpets used are much denser than most household carpet.

Your only real protection mats car against sand and dust, but it is the carpet or regular (weekly) vacuuming.

The grease and oil, on the other hand, is a different story. And the vacuum cleaner will not help you with grease (in fact a powerful vacuum can spread the grease around), and it comes in the car from all sources.

Asphalt and road bitumen
Parking sauce
Leak Fast Food
And more

Once the fat in the fiber, and the bonds with dirt and sand, carpet fibers together and basically turn your carpet into sandpaper. From this point the damage is exponential.
There are many fake treatments on the market for removing grease from carpet fibers (without bleaching your carpet color at the same time). Nothing works better than a deep carpet clean buy a profession steam engine (or dry) clean.
Some of the answers below as follows:

Immediately pour the cornstarch. Rub lightly. Let stand for two or three hours, then vacuum.
WD-40 put on a white cloth (do not harm the carpet coloring), apply grease or oil gently area so that the stain does not spread, then dab with a clean cloth to choose spilled oil and grease from the carpet. Clean the area with a carpet spot cleaner after.
You will get the carpet now save you hours of time later and keep your carpet safe from these thieves resale value.

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