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 Motorcycles increasingly popular with humans discover that they are not for entertainment, but a great and cheap way to travel from one place to another. Yes, it might be a motorcycle answer for your daily commute, but can be life-threatening if not taken serious precautions before Deng that.

Most injuries on the road bike is caused by driver error, but was still thrown the fault of heavy cars and drivers, trucks, buses, etc.

safety tips on the basic means for motorcyclists

look directly

Do not look here and there. Pay attention to your driving and looking directly see the road.

Avoid unnecessary turn on ponds

Do not ride your bike on the ponds, glasses, broken sewer rods, and gravel. They can be dangerous and we can not predict the depth while cycling.

Maintain sufficient space

Always keep an adequate safe distance when passing cars parked in the streets of the city, to avoid accidents when someone in a parked car suddenly opens the door more to avoid the edge of the abyss accidents.

Respect the rules and traffic regulations

Follow all the rules of the country and city traffic

Do not rush

The yellow light does not mean stop at some point, but for the Iraqis that would be a good idea to stop because of rushing through a yellow light with large cars can be a dangerous thing to do on the road.
Climb carefully through the intersection

Most bikers pop on a car or other heavy vehicle trying to show bike unique skills while going through the intersection.

As you drive around the corner, make sure you stand on your left shoulder for oncoming traffic. If the road is clear, make a strong and clear signal with your arm you're going for a ride. Apart from the hand signal contact with the eye to eye with other passengers.

Enjoy the motorcycle century often

Yes, centuries from causing noise and high pollution, but as you are mounted on a small device riding on the road, but not slower, so make use of a warning device on your bike.

efficient lighting installed on your bike

If you are a passenger biker frequently during odd hours (at night or early morning), you must install the lights on a motorcycle with a power of 11 watts or more. Reflectors can also be a great addition to your bike lights at night.

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