How to Operation of Automatic Gearboxes??

Large gearbox in the power transmission system. It is also referred to as the transmission transmission. It provides speed and torque conversions from the source of the rotation force to another device using gear ratios. It can be used in different situations, such as stationary machines and pedal bicycles, the rotation speed nowhere else, the torque needs to be changed.
In motor vehicles and, more generally, it is connected to the gearbox of the crankshaft of the engine column. And the output of the transmission transmitted through the shaft to one or more of the differences, which in turn drive the wheels. Engine torque conversion gearbox, which will push the car forward.

Automatic gearbox and, of course, also plays a crucial role in many places. How it works? It can involve the execution of a large number of components. Among all parts, and planetary gears, torque converter, sensors and offset is the most important.

And planetary gear set is a set of gears that is connected to the transmission shaft. And generally, it includes several distinct parts. Foreign gears vary in size, creating one of the unique gear ratios. These are combinations equipment used when car shifts. When the shift transmission begins, and begins the first planetary gear to move. If the vehicle begins to move, move to the second movement. It moves faster than the car, and the use of higher gear ratios.

The torque converter is an essential part of the engineering that allows automatic transmission works. Inside the wheel and turbine wheel and guide. Turbine turbine sitting inside a metal container. Adapter connected to the motor torque by the drive shaft. However, this column is not directly connected to the engine. Instead, hydraulic coupling is used to move the engine to transmit power.

The sensors can decide when to take the place of shift in the automatic transmission. Transforming itself can be performed mechanically or electronically. Themes related to transmission. This is the shaft that drives the wheels physically, transforming movement to feed forward and causing the forward rotation of the car. Each of these components work together to make gearboxes work well.

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