New Technologies for Better Traffic Safety!! waaaw!!

Although large-scale self-drive cars can be what we are in the next decade, there are many techniques that further improve road safety significantly in the meantime. Here are some promising comments.

Automatic emergency braking

In 2016, the NHTSA announced that more than 20 AES of engaged cars, including manufacturers featuring all new vehicles by the year 2022. AES means braking mechanism in case of emergency. Previously, the function is only available in the luxury and high-end vehicles, and often only optional. In addition, the statement says that all SUVs and heavy trucks also include you as standard in 2025. Automatic emergency braking function that dramatically reduces collision accidents by automatically braking by the driver sees a problem.

Internet security cars

With many coming from new cars with the Internet or wireless functions activated, and the need for security measures of the Internet has become critical. And capabilities added a wide range of car characteristics, mobile wireless Internet communications to enhance the ability to serve GPS better features and control self-driving even remotely. However, the advantages of a thesis also come with defects. In theory it might thesis characteristics allow a hacker to access the computer's computer controls and safety features to remove the cause may be a way to stop or slow down or even crash. Government agencies and recommend automakers to install Internet security devices to prevent the prevention and detection of intrusions into your car's computer. In addition, it is recommended that automotive features features include a fast response allows a fifth car that has been penetrating meets and fixes quickly. New security features increase cybersecurity can include car firewalls, fingerprints and facial recognition, and intrusion detection, backup and extensive features.

Drunk Driving Detection Technology

New systems are being developed to prevent the prevention of impaired driving accidents. One of the best ways to detect someone drunk is by breathing test, so it makes sense that the auto's sensor will be one of the best ways to integrate into the car of the person being trained Of intoxication. Become available and this respiratory test driver from sensors mounted on the steering wheel and system. It is assumed that the vehicle is turned on if the breath with a certain amount of alcohol has been detected. Another great advance in this area is to detect touch. With new technology, and when the driver touches the contact or start button, touchpad digitize their fingers with a fifth infrared light measuring the levels of alcohol under the skin. Again, that would stop the race car. If someone is driving while impaired.

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