Careful technical hacks for your car

Smart technology is everywhere these days, and over the last decade, many of the more advanced, state-of-the-art art programs have found their place in the modern average car. Manufactured products also tend to offer car buyers the opportunity to raise the level of technology in current cars, and release regular additions of new software designed to create a driving experience to reflect the digital age.

Disadvantage? Cars, heavy technology are expensive, and so is the software installation process to make the car look like they belong to the 21st century. If you are looking to save a bit of money, but still some fancy and added benefits, take a look at this stylish, affordable car hacks technology.

Turn your camera from smartphone to panel

If you have an empty smartphone kicking around, why not make it a camera that can be installed on your car dashboard?

The presence of the on-board camera to record your trips is to add a little funky to your car, and can prove particularly useful if you've ever been to an accident you need to claim on insurance.

It is surprisingly easy to sort, too. The first step is to get you on the Mount to store your smartphone. Look for strong design and take it for a spin around your block test before hitting the open road (which will determine if guaranteed to stay in place). The next step is to find yourself on the appropriate application. There are so many out there on the smart app store, including CamOnRoad, car camera and the AutoGuard Dash camera. Have to play with each of them to see which one is right for you.

Invisible remote liquidator

If you own a garage with electric door, or live in an apartment building with a door, you probably have Mahfouz Remote access in the cup holder through the gearstick or loose change in a room. Practical place to keep it? Yes indeed. But reasonable place? Not true. Some opportunistic thieves, but others like to take a quick look around the car before acting. If you spot a device that gives them access to your garage (where you will likely have valuables stored), they will not think twice about breaking to get.

So why do not you make a hidden garage remote control? Invest in a large cup that can be stored inside the car, tape the remote control of the base. This way, it is hidden a valuable piece of technology out of sight, and give incentive for thieves percent and even less of a chance to find them a way to get to the garage / apartment gate if they Do not.

Shadow of paper

This is not the coolest hack in this list by any means, nor even a very technology LLC. However, it can be a good and very useful.

This article introduces the shadows increase the sense of vision when you are on the road, and to prevent the pesky pockets of light that can pour into the car for the eyes. You can buy one for a very reasonable price in several different ways. Make sure that you choose a design that can be easily peeled off the screen at some point but also ready to rigidly stick in place for a part of the trip that you need.

GPS Tracker

The presence of the GPS tracker on your car allows you to locate your vehicle at any time. If you are a parent who is lately - but a bit reluctant - certified child on your vehicle to insure, and this is a great way to keep an eye on them and make sure they do not lead to a shady place. Does the GPS tracker also prove valuable if someone has decided to pinch your car, give the police every chance to track down the thief and get the car back to you in one room.

Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot

Did you know that there are actually ways to run your car at a Wi-Fi hotspot?

By having your site in your car, and you will be able to connect to the Internet at some point in speeds, allowing you to make free calls, blow, while you are on the move (using a headset course Hands-free or loudspeaker - never hand phone), which offers a way to entertain children on long journeys that connect to the Internet on their smartphones or iPads.

You can find devices that convert your car to a Wi-Fi hotspot in the mobile anywhere on the Internet, and are often very reasonable prices. If you use this ass program

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