What Is A 12 Volt Outlet? are you know this

By reading the manual or a guide for electronics or car accessories, you may notice a reference to the 12 volt outlet. Although most people use a 12 volts taken on a daily basis, and many people do not know what it is, and it simply refers to the cigarette lighter socket. Almost all cars and at least one, and many of the latest models and car recreational vehicles include a large number of these ports.

It was realized by a 12 volt standard in cars produced in the US since 1920, more commonly known as a cigarette lighter, and this objective was simply to heat the cigarette lighter by the DC power of the car battery . It is often the latest doll automotive plastic components has been described as an outlet accessory rather than lighter. Many items, such as chargers, cell phones, and the unit's portable GPS system, 12-volt devices, are designed to operate using the power of these ports.

Although they look very similar, and most often look identical, there are some differences between the cigarette lighter socket and 12 volt accessory socket. If the car is equipped with plug lights a cigarette, as well as the 12 volt outlet accessory, then the actual salary in the cigarette lighter can be used only in designated port for lighter. The reason for this is the cigarette lighter socket is made of materials that will not be affected by the heat of a hotter glowing cigarette lighter. Using the plug extension extends a 12 volt cigarette is not recommended as it will definitely result in damage.

There are differences to deal with power, too. Will generally take lighter wired and fused to handle the maximum draw of 10 amperes, while the output accessory 12 volts and are often able to handle up to 20 amps. And guiding the vehicle owner provides respective capabilities.

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