Do not give your old car (recycling)!!

Car Wrecker is mainly end of life automotive recycling cars. Recycling has become a huge automotive industry all over the world. The reason is that recycling damaged faulty functional cars are necessary to get rid of them safely Automotive recycling is beneficial for the environment as well.

Step 1: Bring the car to the smash court

Cars that are laid out must be submitted to the smash court. Some car owners sell their cars to the demolition of cars. He can bring the car to the yard. However, if the car in case it can not be brought into the yard, pulling the cars Wreckers offers these service vehicles. Some owners may abandon their car on the road. Auto Hadamin pull these cars away too.

Step 2: Remove the parts

It is removed different parts of the car carefully for sale / transfer. Are eliminated parts such as engine, chassis, battery, catalytic converter first. Then removed the wheels and tires. After that, as the liquid is removed from the antifreeze, engine oil, brake fluid, fluid transfer, and so on. The following is the removal of functional elements such as stereo, mirrors, headlights and taillights, and so on.

Step 3: Restore the part
Some parts may have minor damage can be repaired. This is restored.

Step 4: Recycling Auto Parts

Many parts are recycled. For example, the use of old car batteries for new manufacture. Liquids such as antifreeze can be recycled to produce fresh gel. Is oils recycled to produce fuel, parts, etc., such as tires and broken glass you find their application in other areas.

Step 5: Recycling of metals

The bulk of the car is the body that contains steel. This is crushed into small pieces, then shred and sell them. This steel finds its application in many fields. Steel is in great demand all over the world. Production is harmful to the environment. Indeed, it uses other natural Khamatna and greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. Recycled economical use of recycled steel and reduces demand on the environment.

Therefore, we believe that the recycling of cars produces a large number of auto parts that can be reusable parts. The good news is that most people now prefer used car parts instead of new spare parts. The main reason is that the used parts is much cheaper than new parts.
So, we see that the tow truck does not service the community by recycling a car!

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