Woman gunned down outside Sunshine Hospital by cars pro

WOMAN has been shot dead and 3 cars are concerned during a spectacular crash in connected incidents in North Sunshine nightlong.

Homicide squad detectives ar investigation once a feminine was found with shooting wounds outside Sunshine Hospital concerning 9pm last night.

A number of automobile incidents ar committed the shooting and police were last night making an attempt to work out the precise chain of events that semiconductor diode to the woman’s death and also the multi vehicle crashes.
One man has been inactive, he's believed to be concerned within the shooting and was last night aiding police.

It is understood the person and lady were noted to every alternative.

Pictures from the scene show 2 cars, one on its roof and also the alternative with its front smashed, sitting close to the corner of linear unit Rd and Romsey Ave.

A few hundred metres away, nearer to the Sunshine hospital, a 3rd vehicle had been cordoned off by police.

Residents within the space aforementioned they detected gunshots, whereas detectives and rhetorical investigators established multiple crime scenes spreading many metres on linear unit Rd.

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