Mercedes-Benz GLC 63 AMG 2017 Review by todaycarspro

Mercedes-AMG GLC sixty three S 4MATIC+
International Launch
Stuttgart, Germany

Performance SUVs square measure a hot section. currently keen to snag bragging rights at the varsity gates, Mercedes-AMG is upping the ante by shoehorning its twin-turbocharged four.0-litre V8 into its medium-sized GLC. jactitation blistering performance from its sledgehammer powerplant, the Mercedes-AMG GLC sixty three S can sprint from zero to 100km/h in only three.8sec! is that this a reputable new benchmark in luxury, performance SUVs or simply the newest in a very series of look-at-me vehicles for the well-heeled?

Are you a closet sport sedan enthusiast pissed off by life as a children’s chauffeur service? need to form the opposite oldsters not sleep and notice at football game practice?

If so, Mercedes-AMG is on the point of introduce the family SUV of your dreams within the sort of the monstrous GLC sixty three S – however be warned…. this can be not a vehicle for the faint-hearted!

Already the foremost standard SUV within the Mercedes-Benz line-up, the medium-size GLC has been updated by AMG that, not happy with shoehorning its wonderful twin-turbocharged V6 engine underneath the bonnet of the GLC forty three, had gone one higher by stuffing in a very twin-turbo V8.

Set to arrive in Australia by the center of 2018, the all-wheel drive Mercedes-AMG GLC sixty three S 4MATIC+ are going to be on the market in each a conventional SUV and SUV coupé body vogue. supercharged by the AMG hot house’s picture twin-turbocharged four.0-litre V8 fuel engine, each GLC sixty three Ss pack 375kW and a barnstorming 700Nm.

While valuation was proclaimed earlier this year, Mercedes-AMG’s Australian arm continues to be fettling the ultimate specifications and it's expected to feature a lot of premium options as commonplace piece of furniture together with 21-inch alloy wheels and tyres.

For the $165K-plus price-tag, patrons are going to be probing for a heavy little bit of kit. Our fast drive of the over-endowed midsized SUV suggests the GLC sixty three S won’t bilk.

Stand out style
First up, Mercedes-AMG designers have done a bang up job of giving the GLC sixty three S a considerably a lot of aggressive stance than its donor wagon.

There’s no misinterpretation the GLC sixty three for a run-of-the-mine machine and it’s the primary Mercedes vehicle outside of the AMG GT line-up to receive the snarling Panamericana grille. This clearly differentiates it from the remainder of the SUV pack and provides instant recognition as AN AMG.

Further exterior style changes embrace wide fenders and front splitter delivering a a lot of dynamic stance. on the market black solid or lightweight alloy wheels close up the package making a hanging counterpoint to the quality GLC.

On the inside, the vocalizer treatment continues with sports front seats, a sports handwheel finished in Dinamico (like Alcantara) and also the typical future-forward Mercedes cabin finished in animal skin. many interior choices square measure expected to be on the market, permitting customers to specify their vehicle to their own tastes.

The typical SUV ‘command’ driving position is preserved. Sports front seats supply sensible lateral support for each driver and traveler however whereas this can be a medium SUV, it will want you're driving a bigger, and heavier vehicle.

Heavyweight performance
The GLC sixty three is a pair of00kgs heavier that the quality 2.0-litre fuel GLC at a curbing weight of 1935kgs. The Coupé version is 10kgs a lot of.

During our short spell driving on a mixture of road surfaces, we tend to we tend toren’t ready to create a full dynamic assessment of the uber SUV however we did observe that the GLC sixty three S doesn’t feel quite in excellent balance sort of a typical all-wheel drive. The side feels serious and with no passengers within the second row, it feels a trifle lightweight within the buttocks. This compact on the texture of the GLC on the road.

That said, the adaptational air suspension and a gaudy spring and damper set-up with ceaselessly variable damping will a decent job of evening out the ride and our initial impression suggests that the GLC sixty three S might not have as harsh a suspension tune as we’ve fully fledged in alternative AMG models. This was the case even with the vehicle rolling on skinny 21-inch rubber.

In addition to the V8 engine, the GLC 63’s chassis borrows extensively from the AMG bin.

The 4MATIC+ variable all-wheel drive system and nine-speed transmission system square measure each genetic from the E sixty three 4MATIC+ as is that the multi-link rear shaft originated that is meant to boost wheel management and inflated stiffness.

An electronically controlled restricted slip differential is alleged by Mercedes to contribute to boost traction.

Despite all of those systems, on a humid road on a good hand bend, only 1 third throttle input from my driving colleague was enough for the vehicle to slip, inflicting the electronic stability management to kick in. it had been a surprise from AN everyday manoeuvre created at a leisurely pace however it dropped at mind the sensation that you simply get powering AN empty rear-drive ute through a bend. It’s a reminder that this can be a vehicle that is trying to bend the laws of physics.

Grin issue
There’s no distrustful the exhilarating performance of the GLC sixty three S powertrain and it excels in any respect speeds. The three75kW engine is alleged to sprint from zero to 100km/h in only 3.8sec -- a figure to rival several sports cars. The responsive nine-speed Mercedes Speedshift transmission system delivers speedy gear changes during the ratios to actually go-to-gaol terminal speeds.

Downshifts once paired with the signature sports exhaust resulted in what Mercedes calls a ‘highly emotional mechanical device expertise.’ I decision it the ear-to-ear grin issue.

Indeed, the exhaust is pure theatre.

It flares on acceleration, blips on upshifts and pops on downshifts, encouraging some further clicks on the left paddle shifter at junctions or returning into roundabouts.

Unlike alternative performance exhaust systems that square measure ‘always on’, Mercedes-AMG offers respite because the exhaust flaps will be closed to cut back the noise delivering a a lot of sedate expertise at the bit of a button.

Like all Mercedes-AMG models, the GLC sixty three S is additionally equipped with variable drive modes together with comfort, sport, sport+ and track modes that modification configuration of the air suspension, steering, engine mapping and, yes, exhaust note.

While our drive was simply a brief 100km preview, it’s clear this can be neither AN SUV for the inexperienced, neither is it as accessible as some extent and squirt C sixty three V-8 supercharged sedan or wagon.

In the town, wherever it'll little doubt pay most of its time it'll not challenge its driver, however, on the open road, wherever it has to defy the laws of physics, it’s progressing to need a good quantity of automobile craft to pilot to full impact.

If it’s a gaudy mid-size SUV that you’re once, then the Mercedes-AMG GLC forty three, Audi SQ5 or probably the future BMW X3 M40i are going to be over enough performance for many drivers. solely serious performance buffs ought to take into account this one.

2017 Mercedes-AMG GLC sixty three S valuation and specifications:
Estimated price: $164,900 (plus on-road costs)
Engine: 4.0-litre eight-cylinder turbo-petrol
Output: 375kW/700Nm
Transmission: Nine-speed automatic
Fuel: 10.7L/100km (ADR Combined)
CO2: 244g/km (ADR Combined)
Safety Rating: N/A

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