Design Cars With me

This includes the creation of a car the actual appearance of the vehicle design. Sometimes you also created the concept. Most people who design cars have a degree in industrial design basis or automotive design. Car designers working closely with a group of automotive engineers to ensure that form follows function.

There are three main sections of the vehicle design: exterior styling and interior design and finishing design. Usually a team works on each section. If you wish, you can use graphic design to add an extra attraction to your car. It uses graphic design to create badges, keys and badges. Design, however, should improve the overall function of the car.

exterior design. Outside are the external visibility of the car. In this design, you must create the size, shape and style of the exterior of the car will look like. First, draw your thoughts. Then go back through and add or edit graphics. The designers then created their car on computer programs. Some designers create a car clay model to go with their own graphics. It is not created clay models from scratch. 1 and create a design with one of the programs and sculpture mud machine even become a design you created on the program.

Interior design. You will need to create a design for the dashboard by selecting the place that will be placed items. These features include GPS, CD player, cassette player, and MP3 player, smart phones and other accessories. Paneling, type seats and door trims and materials column must be selected. Designers create designs on software and clay models for interior design, as well.

Color and trim should complement the style of the home and abroad. You need to design the color and trim that would be good together, and compared both at home and abroad. You may need paint, plastic, leather grain and textile designs, and other tools. Give contrast, color, patterns and textures much thought, then carefully combine your choice. Many designers get ideas designs in furniture and architecture. You have to give global trends.

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