Gear Shift Accidents? mechanical or electronic

 The transfer is a mechanical or electronic device that moves your car in different reports to get the best performance from your car. You can get automatic or manual to help your engine stay above the red line or levels in the cycle of a severe minute. While most people do not think twice before traveling, especially if it is an automatic, defects with these devices can lead to severe accidents shift.

First, the so-called a kind of fatal false automatic transmission defect Park. For most cars, and gears "Garden" "reverse" are next to each other. Park is not supposed to allow the car to move. However, many different brands and models of cars were the wrong moves of shifting mechanism where you can convert your car to an area between the park and vice versa.

With a fake garden, you may think that you turn your car into a position when the two really stuck in this area between the mysterious gears. Any movement or even the force of gravity can pull move along the road in the opposite direction, allowing the folding car. This is dangerous, mainly if it was in a car parked on a slope, or if the engine is still running. If the engine is running, it can cause the opposite of power, where the vehicle accelerates in the opposite direction faster than a taxi due to gravity. These fake garden wheeled vehicles running over people in their tracks.
Also, there is another problem with the locking of transmission devices are missing or erroneous brake switch. Locking brake switch contact on the brake pedal and move so that drivers must press the brake pedal to shift gears to another, such as the park to reverse, or lead to the opposite. These devices are primarily designed to prevent children from passing cars on alert and discard. This is because children usually can not put pressure on the brake pedal to the steering wheel at the same time. If the shift lock brake system is defective, children can get a vehicle and pay for them, and themselves and others placed close to danger.

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