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The founder of the range Lamborghini Ferruccio Lamborghini. After a few years I had the chance to work (Lamborghini tractor company was founded in 1949, was later extended to cover the activities in the manufacturing of air conditioning and other appliances), and there is the opportunity to own the best cars available and discover their weaknesses, Ferruccio decided to try to build a better car. The first step was to implement this commitment in society "automobile Ferruccio Lamborghini SAS" foundation in 1964. In the same year, it was purchased 91,000 square meters of a piece of land, where they were constructing an automobile factory (15,000 square meters). It should be noted that any construction/installation and configuration of the plant has been fully funded by Ferruccio pocket. ~ It has been invested 510 million pounds (~ $ 1.32 million) in total.

The birth of Miura

Develop a prototype, named P400 started at the initiative of talented engineers in the Lamborghini company in 1965. Initially, it was thought the Lamborghini that this car would be too expensive and the company will not be an able incarnation. However, with the assumption that the P400 will be a good marketing strategy, if not more, Lamborghini blessed the birth of this form.

And presented a prototype of the Miura publicly for the first time in Turin Motor 1965. presented as a chassis without a name. The car was driven through the middle of the rage these days (intends to use the racing car mid-engine only), so that even without the "dress", Miura indeed observed during the show.

After accelerating in Turin for the Lamborghini development of automotive design company Bertone design was hired to make the appearance of the Miura and finalized within a few months.

For the first time Lamborghini P400 at Geneva Motor Show 1966. Because of the unique design, and it was the Lamborghini P400 undoubtedly Geneva show of decorating the 36 cars, and phrases such as "400 HP", " 1 meter high, "" 300 km / h " well attracted the public.
The car was named Miura. This word means a type of Spanish fighting bull.
Lamborghini became a victim of the victory of his orders came from all over the world. The development of the high-speed car and the first customers received late 1966. The car, in fact, has been selling cars until recently it has not been appropriately tested (no total prototype testing does not exceed 15,000 kilometers Miuras when the first sale was made). The continuous development of Miura model in the next versions: P400S and P400SV.

Versions and statistics of production Miura
Miura was produced during 1966 and 1973. It was this form three groups: P400 (Miura), Miura P400S (S) and P400SV Miura (SV). Replace model Alkontah Miura in 1975.


The first Miuras (also known as P400) 3.9-liter V12 engine with 350 horsepower (260 kW) of power. Although this car costs into four types Jaguar E (price Miura was ~ $ 21,000, which would be about $ 115,000 at present), it was built 475 units of Miura and sold during the first 3 years of production. Miuras caught pop stars and businessmen.
Note that many professionals lack the stability of the car when driving at high speed (> 240 km / h). Although newer versions of Miura attempted to solve the problem (improved suspension, was the spoiler installation before more modern and lower frames), it did not help in this case, in no small extent, but not completely eliminate the problem.


And he gave Miura P400S (S) to Turin Motor 1968. Compared to its predecessor, and it was the Miura of chrome trim around external windows, and built a new console and power windows. Improve engine consumption granting an additional 20 horsepower (16 kW).

The Miura S is available with optional air conditioning, which cost more than $ 800 as well. However, a review of the owners and air conditioning in Miura is ineffective and unnecessary.

Was built Miura S 141 units between December 1968 and March 1971. A known Miura S owners in the world were Frank Sinatra.


In the past, the more desirable is Miura SV (P400SV). Compared to previous versions, and it was P400SV the following differences: the elimination of "eyelashes" around the headlights and rear fenders became wider, new wheels and a wide ingest 9 inches, it was renovated taillights.

The main difference of engine systems and technical gearbox separate lubrication. This modification allows the use of appropriate types of oil for the gearbox and the motor. This also facilitates the fear that metal shavings from the gearbox to move the engine and cause serious accidents. This is due to the improvement of the car gained additional carburetor 15 horsepower (11 kW) and has 385 horsepower (283 kilowatts) in total. Despite the Miura SV is mostly improved between all versions of Miura regarding handling, it was a little slow because of weight gain (due to the self-lubrication system, wider wheels, etc. ).

It was built 148 SV models in total. The first 52 units of their lubrication system of the engine and gearbox joints.

Miura SV / J

Lamborghini Miura company has also released version SV / J limited. The improved engine, renewed suspension, different interior details, and design. It was made just 5 Miuras SV / J in total. He was one of the owners of these cars on the actor Nicolas Cage. He said he bought the Miura SV / J at an auction in 1997, $ 000 491. This price is the highest price ever for the auctioned model.

Miura SVJ Spider

There Miura's topless named Lamborghini Miura SVJ Spider also in the world. As was the concept of a model, and other private modifications, there are only two Miuras "open" products. And he gave one of them to the position of Bertone in Brussels in 1969, showing another example of the Lamborghini stand at the Geneva Motor Show in 1981. The series production of the absence Miura SVJ Spider back.

The design and the interior of the Miura
And made the first sketches of Miura Giorgetto Giugiaro when he worked in the Bertone design company. When he left Bertone Marcelo GANDINI continued design work. Finally, the owner of the company, and the player Nuccio Bertone, i and t crossed before the final design of the Lamborghini. Courtesy of these three men, all the details of Miura design looks taintless.

Many people call Miura the most beautiful car ever. All applications are definitely the car in the top ten most beautiful cars in the world.
The car using unibody construction, where body parts are held on the general rule. And it provided the door and the main base of the steel, and other parts of the body of aluminum alloy.
It was one of the latest developments in the car headrests. It is installed near the rear wall and looked like an integral part of the seat.
And returned a double glass wall, which protects passengers from heat and engine noise. Exclusivity is presented in a hut switch installed above.


- Due to time constraints, the P400 model, presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 1966 has no engine. Lamborghini's engineers did not allow to install the engine compartment, so the car was exhibited in the auto show without it. For this "absence" will not be revealed, kept the tightly locked cap.

- Miura called a "super" first. This term was used by the author of the automobile LJK Setright for the first time when he found Miura as something with strange looks, advanced design, and incredible performance. Miura was described as a "super" is also due to its engine position. This is the first way to series of Lamborghini car, and he was in the midst of building engines.

- The tests showed that Miura able to reach 272 kmh top speed. Regarding this, it was the title of Miura as one of the fastest cars in the world by the year 1969, when the 365GTB / 4 Daytona Ferrari model.

- Lack of proper drainage in the design influenced the original rust problems, which just seen about all Miuras except those who have undergone a recent renovation.

- Initially, it was planned to produce 30 units of Miura, but demand after the Geneva Motor Show dictated the other figures. Built more Miuras not only because of the limited capacity of the Lamborghini factory.

 Lamborghini Doors of 2018

- In April 1973 Ferruccio sold a stake in the control of the business, "automobile Ferruccio Lamborghini SAS", probably because it has achieved all its objectives with Miura.

One last word

Undoubtedly Miura is the car that was famous "automobile Ferruccio Lamborghini SAS" and the car manufacturer. Without Miura, the company probably would not be alive. numbers and low production confirmation achievements seen in motoring history made this car one of the cars gather more desirable.

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