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I've been thinking to scour the countryside in a mobile home but was not about to commit to a financial commitment. I was so in Minnesota last summer considered a part of the property when I saw a school bus for sale. Well, I'm not sure what it was about because I thought the bus and took the children until the rotten school bus.

On leaving the city, I saw him, and I could see the sign bit clearer for sale this time. I saw the $ 1.600 to sign and inquired about it. Mainly out of curiosity. Well now I'm trying to build a school bus converter and this is how I got interested in the fat concept car.

I came home on the road, which was 710 miles of Indianapolis. I saw a break in the bus like mine but painted on all beautiful, and he was younger person leadership. After a short conversation with him, I came to know that he was a bus runs on vegetable oil and that I could do the same.

This is a great theme if you like someone else, and are tired of relying on gasoline. And he called the fuel for this car of biodiesel produced from all local and renewable resources. We use oil-based products for its fuel needs we have with all pollutants from the combustion of gasoline, although the devil. I am ready to do some experiments.

Biodiesel does not contain oil, they may be mixed at all levels with petroleum diesel to create a biodiesel blend. This fuel is free of sulfur and aromatics as well as it's non-toxic and biodegradable. But I have to draw and how inexpensive and can become fuel. I would use waste vegetable oil to make this pain in the pocketbook. So, lets some facts straightened

According to Wikipedia (Biodiesel refers to a converted diesel equivalent consists of a short chain alkyl (methyl or ethyl) esters,
The transesterification of vegetable or animal fats which may be used (alone or blended with conventional diesel fuel) in an unmodified diesel engine

Regarding chemistry, bio-diesel is composed of long chain fatty acids derived from renewable lipid sources. The agreement with the fat (vegetable oils and animal fats or, as is the case in our process, and cooking oil) with alcohol and light in the presence of a catalyst. This gives two products, glycerin, and biodiesel, both biodegradable and nonhazardous.

The process, which contains triglycerides interesterified and the remains of short-chain fatty acids by enzymatically with long chain fatty acids or esters, while the removal of short chain fatty acids, compounds released from the reaction mixture. I really need to be understood before proceeding. Mainly because these are the questions I had in discovering fat concept car.

I want to explain once again to lead this nation. I had a problem with the definition of biodiesel. Basically, why bio-diesel is linked to a diesel engine modified for biodiesel type does not require changing the engine of another process. In addition to vegetable oils, respectively, biodiesel is called in some circles. Now called car grease whatever the type of biofuel that I use. This is why I have to get all this thing and biodiesel to start.

Biodiesel goes through a refining process called esterification. It is produced from any vegetable oil or fat. Glycerol must be removed from the oil. Is the esterification reaction of the oil with an alcohol to remove the glycerol, a by-product of biodiesel production. Glycerin is ignored.

I mentioned before that two of the transesterification output material are biodegradable and non-hazardous. Biodiesel can be blended with petroleum diesel for a percentage or use pure fuel. Biodiesel that meets ASTM D6751 standard legal legally registered with EPA fuel engines for sale and protection of distribution.

This is the fuel for the sale has not read diesel at service stations. You can read the biodiesel. When used in diesel engines, and the biodiesel yield is similar to diesel fuel, which depends on the oil. A higher viscosity of biodiesel, which must be reduced to a change in the spray injection system, which entitles the spray pattern.

There are a variety of simple methods for reducing the viscosity of which means that you will not have to make any engine modification. Fleet managers have found that biodiesel provides a similar operating performance and conventional diesel fuel. This gives it a major advantage over other fuels as possible "types of alternatives."

Is the same raw vegetable oil biodiesel? Are they not both called biodiesel? Yes sometimes.

To start with crude vegetable oils can not meet biodiesel fuel specifications are not registered with the Environmental Protection Agency, it is not a legal motor fuel. To make this concoction fuel you will use vegetable oils and animal fats, or both. Now, this is where it blends with biodiesel and animal fats (SVO) thing. SVO (straight vegetable oils directly) does not need to be treated or modified to run as long as the diesel engine is converted diesel or modify it, but (SVO). Now, this is not necessarily a true statement. I've heard conflicting answers about it. There are different oils and some work better than others.

Now I know that waste vegetable oil or grease the pan (WVO) will be dehydration, Acidified and filtered before being used to power the motor. There will also be adjusted to the engine to operate (WVO). The diesel engine will be changed to operate crude vegetable oils of any kind. Maybe you read in a place where you can simply pour the vegetable oil in a clean fuel tank and the fire engine and just go. Well, yes and no.

The engine can run fine without modifications to the engine or SVO. But it will damage the motor in the long term, and once you get to the low temperatures and you'll be dead in the water. You have to look engine design stains. I have heard of fuel pumps covers the fuel viscosity being built for the pump. There are different SVO kits renovation to choose and all several manufacturers swear by their products. I have reason to doubt the design, but if you read something negative on the line.

I have seen many articles about what could go wrong. It will soon be an answer, even if it is the desire to hit the road with a project to convert a school bus because postal Bluebird is 87 so I do not have to worry about the computerized fuel system. I've heard of them, not except vegetable oil at all.
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grease car is a car with a diesel engine running out of fuel created from vegetable oil or chemical modification of animal fat. That's what I'm trying to accomplish with this project. I read where people drive on biodiesel for 46 cents a gallon and that is very attractive.

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