Keep on Figuring Tire and Wheel Combinations??

There was once a day when we had only three television networks, in addition to the TV program - which almost nobody lives. We had a choice of radio and one or two stations on the AM radio static strongly our choice of music. If these stations played the same song at the same time? Bad luck.
It was also the easiest to install a broader set of tires on your car if you want to give it the appearance of squatty. We used to go to a local retailer of tires, we refer to our brand of choice and wants to climb, and the balance between them and away you go. To accelerate the next ticket! But as cable TV has arrived, with a new station up and down radio that the new demand for FM stereo fangled, also saw more choices with the tires and wheels we have. Suddenly, the world has become more complicated. McDonald started selling more hamburgers, while Coca-Cola and Pepsi began selling more than a cola.
For many of you, this is an old story, and I already yawning, looking at the watch and hope you get the point sometime during the next time a few sentences. So let's go
Tire Supply
Who does not want an excellent range of sports tires that pulls the road? The broader vision of popular cars since 1964, when Pontiac decided they needed more rubber on the pavement to deal with the extra power of fresh, new GTO. By the time 1970 rolled in, the rear tires on many of the larger muscle cars that the mother in the back you have the law.
Look at how to extend the first tires. There are three counts of air in the tires. The first is to show, in millimeters, and the second number is the "aspect ratio", and the third is the diameter of the wheel. Very simple..wait ... Which way?
The aspect ratio is the percentage of bandwidth working at the height of the wall. Simple, huh?

Let's say our tires 195 / 75R14. (It's just sitting there in your living room, in the hope that does not watch American Idol). And "195" is the first tread. In "75" is the percentage of the number 195. This means more your tire wall is ... change ... 146mm Altjara- DAA! Do not worry about the "R14", and we know that 14 is the wheel diameter in inches, but the "R" is the speed rating, which I will cover later.
For the sporting aspect, most people in the natural choice of the tire a bit, on a larger scale. So you increase the supply of millimeters to 1 and "205". Cool, is not it?
Changing tires 205 / 75R14 8MM you added in the high wall. You must reduce that nagging side or your car will not only go higher, but you also throwing your estimated speed of 2mph less. If you skipped ie tires 215 / 75R14, you raised almost turn up your car by inches!

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