the Types of Car Tires

If you are in the market for new tires, you must understand the different types of tires on the market. Do not take advice from a tire dealer --- do some research on your own usually save a lot of money. For differences between the tires mud and snow tires, what kind of car you need studded tires in winter. You can even get a journalist on the tires runflat precession. Do not forget the spare tire is very important, for safety reasons. Tires come in several types for one reason: Different cars have different needs in different situations.

1 High Performance Tires
If you make your purchase of tires for sports cars of your own or if you do a lot of highway driving, and high performance tires are what you are after. high performance tires use a softer rubber compound to increase traction and keep you on the road when you are in the high speed corners. In addition, it makes it more flexible rubber life of the tread is shortened. You will need to replace high-performance tires often than other types of tires. Experts do not recommend the use of high performance tires in bad weather.

2 mud tires
Designed to cut into muddy surfaces, large mud tires, theme chunky style. Due to a broad view, open and suspension, it is located off the legs quickly, and become easily influenced. mud tires tend to be wider than other windows, reducing the likelihood that they have a sink in the mud. Angles and models is an integral part of the band mud rolling throw behind the car as they move, using centrifugal force to push the issue away from the tires to prevent impaction.

3 snow tires
With snow tires softer snow and ice grip with additional Snipes in the discussions, which also increases the grip. You can usually identify winter tires wall of mountains and snow on the package. This indicates that the tire has been approved by ASTM (formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials). For light vehicles, snow tires studded increase friction and help prevent the car from sliding in the harsh winter conditions.

4 Wheel Parts
No compact spare tire is designed for long term use. Experts recommend for use in emergencies only. The spare tire is cheaper than regular tires and belongs to several security on your way. However, prolonged use of the spare wheel can be a lot of pressure on the other fashion windows, which leads to abnormal wear. It should not lead to highway speeds using the spare wheel. Use the spare wheel to transport you to a tire shop and fix a flat tire or the explosion that caused the problem.

5 running flat tires
Designed tires were invented to work even after an explosion near a certain extent. tires Run-flat plastic "cage" inside that helps the tire to maintain its shape when it is suddenly broken. Pressure monitoring system in the car to alert drivers to the explosion. The tires continue to function and to ensure that the driver does not lose control of the car. Run-flat tire technology, now in its infancy, it is still quite expensive. Driving on a flat, even with run-flat tires, you should never. Do you have a tire repaired as soon as possible.

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