Different types of tire owners should know??!!

There are many important things you need to know about car owners to extend the lifetime of their vehicles. Knowing the basics of tires is very crucial. And expert exchange, some of the facts about this important car segment.

Types of tires

Drivers should be very careful in places that get summer rain since the accumulation of oil can combine with water, making the surface slippery - summer. To make sure that the tire's contact with the road is still stiff, and it will be a simple block shape, tread in general pounding. This will help to ensure optimum grip is maximized so that friction between the tire and the road surface at all times.

Winter - and the crackling design of the tread block tires is fine with deep, wide grooves that provide increased traction and breaking performance on road slipper surfaces. Often made from silica with rubber. It stops tired of getting cold so that it can adhere to the road even during freezing conditions.

All seasons - They are suitable for use throughout the season. However, the final performance of the force is not too dry or wet weather and on ice. This is due to the fact that they can be used for the majority of the year, you can save a lot of money to change your tires in case of season change. The pattern is more complex compared to those used during the summer. In addition, it has more small cracks on the paving stones. And the traction and stability is excellent. Tread bites the surface so that they can give adhesion during freezing conditions. Remember though that these types are not the most appropriate in icy conditions.

Wet weather - and these are known other than rain tires. He had to be treated very well in the rain and wet conditions. It is capable of expelling the rain tread along the way out of the seam area. It is therefore essential to ensure the depth of the tread regularly. If the depth of the larger, which means it can evacuate water more efficiently.

Performance - and that means sports cars or for people who drive too fast. These are softer and can improve the grip. They are perfect for turns, but their age is lower compared to regular tires. What is great about them is that they can withstand high temperatures. It is also excellent for drought conditions due to discussions that do dissipate water. Know that it is not good for wet conditions where they can not pump water on a wet road.

All ground - tread blocks have a sufficient width to withstand the fouling consists of clay. They are constructed in a way that can produce flat the contact surface even for tire wear. They have a very strong traction in off-road conditions. In bold sculptures can actually resist fouling. More importantly, it can be cleaned itself and be subject to quality delivery is very comfortable driving.

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