Guide to Buying a Used Car!!

It is difficult to buy a used car than to buy a new one. Security is one of their main concerns. At present, many cars are sold "as is". It is very risky to buy "just like" the car, because once you buy and pay the money, then it is your responsibility. Often, it is a smart gesture to buy the one used.

You can follow the steps to avoid any risk when buying a used car -

How much can you pay?

Before you choose to buy a used, to ensure that the order of the budget properly. This budget includes the costs of reform, insurance, maintenance and operation.

What should you buy?

It is important to look for those who can cope with your personality and your lifestyle perfectly. If a medium-sized car available at prices, you can easily choose for them. Try to collect information from your friends or relatives about the different models you want to buy.

What is the age of the car?

If the budget is important to you, opt for a newer and smaller version than buy a widely used one. And the high cost associated with operating a large and old car. These costs include tires, spare parts, fuel and maintenance. This would be a great option to buy one in middle age, which is between 3-5 years old. You can also go to those run by 14000 to 18000 km.

Test drive

An essential part of buying a used car is to pass a driving test on different types of roads. It is important to ensure that the engine runs smoothly and produces annoying vibrations or noise. When driving, he is also director and braking tests.

External study

Make sure the car has not hit any previous incidents and close the hood completely. Do not buy so rusty or filled. Check under the car if crack, welding or rusting there. It is also very important to check the case of the spare wheel, exhaust, silencer, exhaust, and Jack and shock absorbers.

Internal study

Look for the terms of pipes and belts to lift the hood. Check the battery gauge to see the oil and see if cracked.

View privileges

When buying, make sure that the car is not heavily with an unpaid loan. Do not buy, or if there is a separate privilege against it.

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