Car maintenance with recycled parts

Automatic recycling is one of the most common recycling industries in the world. So, instead of giving up, it makes sense to recycle their coins.

How are cars recycled?

• Damaged automobiles are purchased by car dealers or recyclers. They are transported to recycling cars which are large open spaces for these cars.
• The vehicle is inspected to see if it can be repaired, reused or canceled.
• In most cases, the car can not be reused. So the next step is to recycle it.
• Recycling requires the removal and sale of usable parts. This is followed by the removal of parts that can not be reused.
• Most parts such as car stereo, windscreen, windscreen wipers, mirrors, headlights, taillights, etc. If they are not damaged, they are sold on the market.
• Parts such as the battery are removed and used to make new batteries.
• Frames are used to make pavement rules for new roads.
• The wheels are removed and sold as scrap metal.
• If the glass is damaged, it is recycled to make porcelain, jewelry, pearls, tiles, etc.
• After removing all parts, oils and liquids. The next step is to remove these fluids in a way that does not affect the environment.
• Finally, leave the metal part of the car. This is crushed to reduce its size and then it is sold to the shredder.
• Most parts of the car are strong and reusable. Many recycling cars recover damaged parts so they can be sold.

Every car needs spare parts for maintenance at one time or another.

Purchase recycled parts better than the original purchase for:

1. By using these parts, you can also contribute to the backup.

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