These Classic Cars Worth Over $300 Million Are Now for Sale at Pebble Beach

It's no big secret that car enthusiasts are willing to deposit a big dollar for the perfect hot-bar to complete their collections, but the hitchhiking season Monterey Stop Sotheby's takes auto expenses to a whole New level.

The annual event sends car enthusiasts flock to Pebble Beach, California.

With 100 cars, last year's offer was $ 117.9 million, according to Otto Wake.

With a wide range of classic cars, including models from Porsche, Ferrari and Aston Martin, this year's edition guarantees that participants will dig into their portfolios.

Sotheby's will join the weekend with other well-known auctions in Pebble Beach as Mecom.

Overall, it is expected to generate about $ 290 million in auctions, according to the collector of automatic collection and tracking my hare.

The figure will fall from $ 338 million last year due to fewer vehicles comprising seven or eight figures rather than a decline in the auto-collector market.

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